Why the Word of Appreciation is Important at Work

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Why the Word of Appreciation is Important at Work

Gratitude is the best way to incorporate positivity in a person. A positive mind eventually boosts happiness and willingness to give better results.

This blog will help you understand “why appreciation is important in the workplace.” Many studies have also shown to prove the positive impact of recognition and appreciation of the employee at his work. If an employee’s hard work when assigned a job goes unnoticed, it may discourage them from showing the same dedication next time. Thus, words of appreciation such as “thank you” and” I appreciate you” will build a strong bond between the company owner and its workers. One may also convey their gesture through other thankful messages or phrases.

The effects of appreciation in the workplace are mostly beneficial for the working of a company.


Word Of Appreciation

Studies have also shown how a person’s brain responds better when organizational trust is built in the employee through the culture of appreciation at a workplace. A chemical in the brain called “oxytocin” that makes you feel cared for is released by trusting others, thus, reducing our stress and workload and increasing our morale. Therefore, it proves why appreciation is important in the workplace, mainly to improve productivity and reduce employee turnover.


Whenever a person is made to feel valued and recognized for their dedication, it boosts their happiness and reduces their stress levels. This will ultimately improve one’s sleep pattern and also uplift their self-esteem.

A stress-free life encourages good metabolism and an improved cardiovascular system. A healthy team full of energy and positivity is all you need to run a successful company.


Word Of Appreciation

The targets you want to achieve, or the timely completion of an assignment depends upon teamwork. Therefore, a company’s focus should be majorly on team building which further depends upon the optimistic attitude of your employees towards each other. Thus, the feeling of recognition the employee receives through your words of appreciation will play a major role in the exchange of positive thoughts amongst the co-workers as it makes them feel more welcomed. A pragmatic workplace environment further promotes loyalty toward the company, and the employee remains for longer due to job satisfaction.


Challenges are part of a company that is growing. But, these difficult times can be overcome easily if you have the constant support of your hardworking and trustworthy employees. Thus, the efforts an employer regularly makes to appreciate their employees’ work and make them feel comfortable in the workplace will pay them rewards during adversities.

After we understand the importance of appreciation in the workplace, you also need to know different ways you shall adapt to make your employee feel valued at work.


Praising your employee for their skills can do wonders in boosting their confidence. Your words of appreciation may be as simple as saying “THANK YOU” or giving them compliments such as “I REALLY ADMIRE YOUR WORK,” “YOU THINK VERY CREATIVELY,” etc. Verbal complementing is not always necessary; you can use e-mail or notes also.

Word Of Appreciation

A monthly or weekly award entitled “Best employee of the month” or “Best employee of the week” can be assigned. The person best deserving can be selected by the management or voted by the employees.

This way of appreciation will motivate the employees to be at their best throughout their tenure. 


A Surprise party at lunch break is the best way to make your office environment light, stress-relieving and comfortable for your employees. A friendly ambiance at work is all you need to improve co-worker bonding that will accelerate your company’s growth. 


Although saying thank you is the foremost way to appreciate one’s hard work and dedication, if gift cards are offered for cracking a big deal, it acts as a bonus. Moreover, it gives your employee an opportunity to choose the gift as per their choice from an exclusive store.


When the employer understands the positive effects of appreciation in the workplace, one should not only praise their employee for their work and make them feel valuable on their special occasions. Company records must be maintained, mentioning birth dates and work anniversaries. This will help recognize even those employees who are not mentioned often. 

  • · DAY-OFF

Offering a paid day off is yet another way to allow your employee to celebrate their success with their family and friends as per their wish. Moreover, it is up to the appraised employee if he wants to use the opportunity now or sometime later.


An employee’s contribution to the company can also be mentioned on your social channels. One can highlight their employee’s unique skills and interests along with one photo and let their co-workers and others know them.


Welcome health awareness programs to your office. At least once a month, make arrangements for fitness classes or mindfulness sessions for the team. Your office premises may also contain an isolated area designed to help your employees relax at some hour of the day. The employer’s efforts to make them feel comfortable will incorporate a sense of security. 


Now that we know “why appreciation is important in the workplace,” we must also understand how a lack of appreciation will affect the company’s employees. As a matter of fact, appreciation makes you feel connected, so feeling unappreciated will make you feel isolated at work. Certain factors that make an employee feel not valued may be:

  • Your boss is taking credit for your work
  • Underpaid for your job
  •  Getting interrupted in meetings
  • Not recognized for your upcoming promotion 

Thus, an employer must consider the importance of appreciation in the workplace so that their company grows at a better place in their sector. Download the JoyScore app for more tips to enjoy a healthy and joyful life.

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