How to remove stress: 20 stress-relieving techniques

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How to remove stress: Stress and anxiety are emotions that each of us experiences at some point. Many of us face situations that can be stressful, overwhelming, and cause negative feelings in adults and children. In fact, millions of people in the United States say they feel stress or anxiety daily. Thus, making it one of the most concerning health issues in the US and all over the globe. 

Managing work, family, and other commitments can make you too stressed out and busy. The answer is to take a second and use different ways to reduce stress and take necessary measures to stress management for health.

Read the article to find out how to remove stress from the mind and stress-relieving techniques.

How to remove stress and anxiety

  1. Exercise regularly – exercising your troubles is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Exercising and working out will improve your mood and keep negative thoughts at bay. Try to set fitness goals for yourself that you can meet, and always remember that any exercise is better than none at all.
How to remove stress
  1. Improve eating habits – Eating a balanced diet will help you in mood upliftment and make you healthier mentally and physically. Your diet must include a lot of veggies, fruits, and whole grains.
  2. Take breaks – When feeling stressed, take a break for a few minutes and step away from the situation. It can be a great stress reliever as it allows you to see the problem from a different perspective.
  3. Write it down – Sometimes, jotting down the problem causing you stress can also make you calm and lower that panic sensation. It can also give you insights into how to solve that problem. 
  4. Limit your alcohol intake – Alcohol can be a major catalyst in promoting stress and anxiety. While people often consume alcohol at the time of stress. In reality, it can worsen your stress and anxiety levels. 
  5. Take proper sleep – If you get to sleep less than seven to eight hours, your body won’t handle stress as well as it can. Getting primal sleep can equip your body better to deal with stress and stressful situations.
  6. Take some time off – Going on a vacation is another way to stress remove. Changing your environment can reset your mind, increase stress tolerance, improve your mental and emotional outlook.
How to remove stress
  1. Connect with others – Indulging in social interaction has also been one of the great stress-relieving techniques. Being isolated can lead to enhanced levels of stress and anxiety. Thus, talking with others can take your mind off the problem and lower stress and anxiety.
  2. Meditate – Meditation is one of the prominent stress-relieving techniques used since ancient times and catching many eyeballs over the years. It teaches us to be present and calm our mind and body. Thus, lowering stress levels.
  3. Eliminate the triggers – If you’re able to identify what triggers your stress see if you can eliminate or reduce them from your life, then it can help you remove the root of your stress and anxiety. It can be your job, your commute, or even a person that is the reason behind your stress.
  4. Adopt a routine – Whether it’s taking a bath before sleeping, Jamming to your favorite music to work, or just walking the dog to the park every morning, routines help the person cope in times of stress. A consistent routine enables you to keep things organized and eliminates unwanted stress.
  5. Do activities with your hands – Engaging in activities that focus on your hands or body is a surefire and entertaining way to get out of your head and forget all the stress and tension for the time being. Kneading bread, drawing a picture, knitting a scarf, or even climbing a rock wall are examples of such activities.
How to remove stress
  1. Get spiritual – most often than not, diving into your spiritual practices has also been seen to help in stress and anxiety tremendously. Not religious? You can also use your favorite inspirational quotes and repeat that affirmation whenever you feel stressed.
  2. Try to be more positive – We understand that it is a lot to ask, but finding a silver lining in every situation might also help remove stress. Try to find the positives in life and things you are grateful for. Looking at life with a more positive set of eyes can help you feel calm and composed.
  3. Make a gratitude journal – Maintaining a gratitude journal comes on the top pedestals when it comes to stress-relieving techniques. This stress reliever method involves writing down things you are thankful for. For instance, write down things that went well or small gestures of kindness that happened on the day.
  4. Stretch your muscles – When you’re stressed, your muscles get tense, causing spasms and muscle tension. This not only affects the physical health of the individual but also drains mentally. Stretching or getting a massage can help loosen them up and refresh your body leading to lower stress and anxiety levels.
  5. Try breathing exercises – Deep breathing exercises offer a great way to reduce stress. It refers to taking deep breaths and being aware of your body. Stopping and taking deep breaths can take the stress off you immediately. You can check our article about breathing benefits and different breathing techniques.
  6. Take a bath – After a long hard day, getting a hot steamy shower is like an elixir of life that melts all your troubles away. Water has a natural soothing effect on the mind and body as it subconsciously connects us back to our time in the womb.
  7. Share your problems – Sharing and discussing the problems that are causing you stress is another way to distress. If anything is causing you stress, talking about it can significantly lower your stress. You can talk to family members, friends, a loved one, or a therapist.
  8. Use meditation apps – Using meditation apps like Joyscore can help you to meditate and breathe mindfully. It is beneficial for people who have a hard time meditating or want a guide for different meditation and breathing techniques.  


Although stress is inevitable, balanced stress levels improve our personality and motivate us for success. But, chronic stress, on the other hand, can cause many adverse effects on your mind and body, even leading to depression in some cases.

Fortunately, many stress-relieving techniques can help you reduce stress and improve your overall physical and psychological well-being. Download Joyscore to achieve your stress reliever goals.

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