How To Incorporate Foods Good For Gut Microbiome Into Your Fitness Diet

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An ever-growing amount of research has confirmed the role of your gut in managing your health and overall well-being. The gut comprises a vast population of good bacteria that resides within it. These are collectively known as gut microbiomes. If we manage to maintain the composition of the gut microbiome, it will not only support your digestion but will also help boost the immune system. You will be in a better position to fight off harmful bacteria and protect against a variety of diseases. 

The growing awareness of gut microbiomes has increased the active participation of individuals in recognizing the factors supporting good gut bacteria. A healthy lifestyle is what you should focus on. Your daily schedule must be a sum of healthy habits like physical exercise, adequate sleep, stress-relieving techniques, proper hydration, and healthy eating. Out of these, following a healthy eating pattern may seem to be a tedious job as you need to hold yourself back when unhealthy temptations are within your reach.

But you don’t need to stress out when it comes to eating a healthy diet. You just have to include various types of food groups in your daily diet plan and limit junk foods. Effective amendment of this will put you in a position to fulfill more goals such as losing weight, enhancing flexibility, and increasing your endurance.

Your fitness goals play an important role in deciding what foods are to be taken and in what amount. For instance, a person who eats a high-protein diet will lose weight faster than those eating the same number of calories but less protein. The repairing process during exercise also needs essential amino acids in adequate amounts.

Healthy Eating for gym beginners

You don’t need to follow trendy diets to stay healthy. Just focus on the healthy foods good for your gut and incorporate them into your diet. If your gut is working properly, your exercise regimen will also go smoothly. This is because an unhealthy gut leads to gastrointestinal problems that can interfere with your physical training and hamper it.


Nutrition has a huge impact on the progress you make in the gym, and if you incorporate gut-healthy foods into your eating plan, it will help you in so many areas physically. The vital nutrients, essential for muscle gain and weight loss are:

  • Carbohydrates

Being the primary source of energy, you need an adequate amount of carbohydrates to fuel your exercise. Carbohydrates are classified into two types: complex and simple. However, with more nutritional benefits and prolonged slow release of energy, complex carbohydrates are preferred. Examples of food items containing these types of carbohydrates are whole grains, beans, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

  • Proteins

Apart from gym goers, gym beginners will also be well-aware that protein is important for exercising. The reason why protein is so important is because of its role in muscle building, recovery, and repair. The body is exposed to enormous strains and stresses during exercise, which may result in chronic fatigue if the recovery period is extended. So, include good sources of protein in your diet. Protein is found highly in animal sources like lean meat, eggs, and dairy; and plant sources such as seeds, nuts, legumes, soy, and beans.

  • Fats

Don’t believe in the myth that fats are the primary source of weight gain. Fats are actually important for the absorption and transportation of nutrients. So, they will be beneficial for your heart health and hormone production. However, when the gym diet plan is concerned, focus on unsaturated fats rather than saturated fats. Examples of foods rich in unsaturated fats are seeds, nuts, avocados, peanut butter, fatty fish, olive oil, and soy products. 

Gut healthy foods included in fitness diet


Mix your gut-healthy diet with the fitness diet to enjoy the role of the gut microbiome in enhancing your activity level. Although many food groups already included in your fitness diet are good for your gut, let us elaborate on their role in improving the gut microbiome also.

  • Plant-based foods and dietary fiber

The different colors of food are indicative of the variety of nutrients and fibers present in them. So, this will not only make your plate look great but will also support a healthy eating pattern. Consuming almost all types of fibers supports your cardiovascular and digestive systems. Therefore, during exercise a healthy heart will improve your performance and good digestion will help in proper absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

Glycaemic control and maintaining a healthy weight are other assets of dietary fiber that will assist your fitness goals also. So, enhance your meal with complex carbohydrates like millet and lentils; vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli; fruits like berries, apples, and citrus fruits.

  • Fermented foods

Fermented foods are high in probiotics which are the live bacteria that mimic the role of good bacteria already present in your gut. Other than fermented foods, some forms of supplements can also be used for enhancing probiotics. 

Probiotics are associated with a number of health benefits including disease prevention, immunity support, and help against gastrointestinal infections. Kefir, kimchi, pickles, greek yogurt, sourdough bread, and kombucha all are naturally high in probiotics.

  • Prebiotics

The presence of probiotics in your diet demands prebiotics to assist in gut improvement. Prebiotics are food for the probiotics as they reach your gut in undigested form. They will therefore enhance the role of probiotics to improve the composition of the gut microbiome. Foods rich in prebiotics are garlic, onions, watermelon, apples, cashews, chia seeds, and so on.

  • Beneficial fats

Good fats or unsaturated fats, particularly omega-3 fatty acids, can reverse gut inflammation and improve your gut health. They are important for your heart health too for they can remove the excess cholesterol from the system and transport it back to the liver. It is also important to avoid bad fats, so try to stay away from processed and commercially packed foods. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids include olives, nuts, seeds, and fatty acids but avoid bacon and cheese. Eating foods with too much cholesterol is good for your weight loss regimen too.


Improving the gut microbiome composition not only boosts your stamina and endurance but also uplifts your mood! About 90% of serotonin, the happy hormone, is present in your gut, which is why it’s so important to keep your gut healthy. Keeping your gut healthy will help you achieve your fitness goals later on too.

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