How the correct breath work can take you further in your workout

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Breathing is an essential part of the exercise. After all, without oxygen, your muscles wouldn’t survive. But breathing can be more challenging than it sounds. You can do tons of little things to improve your breathing technique and take your workouts even further. Improving your breathing technique can significantly improve the quality of your workouts and extend their length by several seconds each time you return to the same stretch or run again, and this has been scientifically proven. Luckily for us, improving our breathing technique doesn’t have to be complicated – it only requires some awareness and practice. Download Joyscore to learn more about how to take your workout sessions even further with improved breathing techniques.

Why is Breathing Technique Required?

Like most things, the more you practice something, the easier it gets. When it comes to breathing technique, the more you practice it, the more natural it feels. Breathing allows more control in your body and mind, keeps you calm, and engages all your muscles while working out. All you have to focus on is improving your breathing technique, and you’ll immediately see the benefits. With all things, the key here is consistency. Keep practicing those breathing techniques, and you’ll be able to take your workouts to the next level in no time.

Practice Regular, Deep Breathing

You need to be well-rested and relaxed to maximize your performance and get the most out of your workouts. When you’re not relaxed, your muscles are more prone to cramping, fatigue, and injury. Deep breathing is the key to relaxation. It’s important to note that breathing is a reflex. That is, your brain signals your lungs to expand when you feel like you need more oxygen. While this is usually a good thing, when you’re trying to expand your lungs for anaerobic exercise (like sprinting or weight lifting), you want to maximize the amount of oxygen that gets into your bloodstream. This is where deep breathing comes in.

Focus on the Task at Hand and Take Breaks

As soon as you’ve started working out, you’ve probably noticed your heart rate increasing and your muscles feeling slightly more tired. This is because your body is preparing itself for intense exertion, and if you try to push yourself too hard, you’re going to get injured. So remember to take regular breaks so your muscles don’t get overexerted. This will help you avoid cramps, fatigue, and injury. On the other hand, if you don’t push yourself too hard, you’ll be able to work out longer without getting bored or fatigued.

Learn to Tap Into Your Neuromuscular System

Breathing is one of the most basic and essential aspects of working out. However, it’s something that so many people neglect. And truth be told, breathing is what separates regular mortals from the fitness gods. When starting, you should focus on “automating” your breathing. This means you should keep your breathing at a constant pace, rhythm, and depth. This is the best way of optimizing your breathing technique. You can use a metronome to stay focused and keep breathing constantly. This way, you can’t slack off, and you’ll be able to focus on the task.

Breathe for maximum efficiency

When inhaling, take a deep breath through your nose before powering through the eccentric phase of the exercise. During the concentric phase, exhale through your mouth completely.

For squat: Before lowering down, take a breath and exhale when you return to the starting position.

For pushups: Bending your elbows reduces the work needed to lift your body and exhaling as you rise again makes the exercise easier.

For weight lifting: Holding your breath for long periods can 

  • Increase your blood pressure.
  • Causing dizziness and nausea.
  • Even a heart attack.

So, don’t hold your breath.

Use your workout as an opportunity to practice deep breathing. Taking deep breaths may decrease blood pressure, boost relaxation, and even play a part in how our bodies break down sodium. After some practice, breathing with the techniques listed here will be second nature. You can improve your concentration by becoming more aware of when and how to breathe during strength training.

Three Tips for Improving your Breathing Technique During Exercise

Make Sure You’re Breathing from your Diaphragm: The best breathing technique during exercise begins as soon as you begin your workout. That way, you can focus on breathing from your diaphragm to maximize oxygen intake and minimize the risk of cramps and fatigue. 

Relax and Relax and Relax: As with everything in life, staying relaxed is critical to improving your breathing technique during exercise. During your workouts, you should stay focused, relaxed, and focused on just one thing, so you don’t get distracted and forget to breathe. 

Get Comfortable and Elevated: Many people need to focus more on breathing while working on the ground. By staying on the ground, you’re forcing yourself to focus on breathing more than you should.

Including macros, hydrating, stretching, foam rolling, and all the other health habits you’ve established to improve, breathing is simple to overlook. However, when you breathe on average 20,000 times a day, even the slightest improvement can significantly impact you. Set aside at least one to two minutes daily to improve your breathing, and then bring those new habits to work, the gym, or wherever you go. You’ll breathe more often and puff more heavily to become fitter, faster, and stronger! Because it’s so routine, you may not even realize how much you improve your health with improved breathing. 


Breathing is a very important aspect of working out. It separates regular mortals from the fitness gods, and if you want to push yourself to the next level, you need to improve your breathing technique. Deep breathing is the key to relaxation and staying focused so you can push yourself harder and longer with fewer injuries. You can also focus on your diaphragm to maximize oxygen intake and minimize the risk of cramps and fatigue. These three tips for improving your breathing technique during exercise will help you focus on breathing and stay relaxed to get the most out of your workouts.

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