8 Ways To Sustain Respect In A Relationship

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Relationships are not rocket science, yet they can be more challenging than rocket science. It is the easiest thing you will do, and at the same time, it will be the hardest thing to hold on to. Confused? Don’t worry, everybody is. Relationships can be good or bad, but what differentiates a good relationship from a bad one? 

Well, all romantic relationships have their ups and downs, and they all take a lot of work, dedication, and a willingness to adjust and transform with your partner. Relationships are not always easy, but healthy couples understand how to handle the ups and downs, steer in the storm, and sail towards more peaceful and stable waters. 

However, one critical thing that every couple must do is maintain respect in a relationship, no matter how tough times are. Whether you have been dating for a while or you just started seeing each other, you can always work on showing more respect toward your ‘Better Half.’

For you, we have gathered a few tried and tested methods that you can use to improve your romantic relationship and reignite that lost spark in your life. 

Tips for respectful relationships 

Establish boundaries

It is essential to know that every individual has their own boundaries and set of rules that they are comfortable with. It is necessary to have boundaries in your relationship, and you must keep them. 

Respecting your partner’s privacy is a key factor that keeps respect in a relationship alive. Hence, understand that you don’t have the right to spy on your partner or snoop through her phone or computer when she is not around. 

Respecting each other’s boundaries also applies in the bedroom and is critical for a respectful relationship. Remember that sexual boundaries are also vital, and understand that no means no whether you are dating for a long time or just starting to get intimate. So, when your partner refuses to get intimate, give them their space and don’t do anything physical right away.

Do not Forget the Small Things.

When you get into a relationship, you often forget about the small gestures of respect. Please and thank you shouldn’t only be reserved in a professional environment. While talking with your partner, projecting decency and manners can surely go a long way. 

Remember that manners are important, whether you are dating for a couple of weeks or decades. Show the same respect to your partner as you would to a guest. Try to say please and thank you as much as possible and make polite conversation with one another.

Spend quality time


When we date someone, we fall in love with how they talk, look, and express themselves. However, as the relationship grows and reaches a more mature stage, most people find that face-to-face contact is gradually replaced by hurried texts, emails, and voicemails. 

While relationships should mature to a more comfortable and homey stage, it is not good to spend most of your time away from each other. If you continue to look and listen to your partner with the same focus and attention, you can sustain your spark and have a respectful relationship over a long period.

Exercise Together

Many studies have indicated that couples who work out together are healthier, more satisfied, and happy in their relationships. Exercise is known to cure some dire problems like stress and depression. Although, it is also very beneficial for keeping your relationship healthy and maintaining mutual respect in a relationship. 

Through scientific studies, it is believed that the symptoms of physiological arousal (a form of high you get from working out) mimic the effects you get from sexual and romantic arousal. If you work out together, you will feel sexy and in love!

Be more independent

Being independent and spending some alone time can prove wonders for your relationship. Spending time alone is as important as spending time with your partner. Although, being self-reliant and self-sufficient doesn’t mean you don’t need your partner in any way. You being independent shows that you are capable of being on your own and can do things without anyone’s help. 

Even many relationship counsellors remind their patients that everyone needs their own space. When you are self-sufficient, your partner will admire this trait, and so will you.

Don’t be afraid to share

Sharing and communicating, especially about sensitive topics, can maintain healthy respect in a relationship. Often, you have to dig deep to be vulnerable, but the conversations you have when you’re unguarded are when you connect the most with your spouse. It might be surprising, but if your partner becomes curious about your blind spots, tries to unravel them, and tries to share that vulnerability, it can help create a much deeper intimacy.

Don’t go to bed angry.

You might have heard it before, and yes, it might be a cliche, but that doesn’t mean that it does not hold any validity. Going to bed angry is always trouble and invites further conflicts. 

If you have an argument in the evening, do not discuss it, especially if you’re both tired and want to sleep. Pause the fight, set a time to talk about the conflict for the next day, say goodnight, and take a good nap. However, while pausing an argument is a good idea, forgetting the fight entirely is not an option. It would be best always to discuss the things that make you unhappy and come to a mutual decision.

Be sexually active

Last but not least, physical intimacy is a vital part of any relationship, and a sexually active couple is always seen to have respect in a relationship. Affectionate touch is proven to enhance levels of oxytocin in the body. It is a hormone that is directly associated with love and attachment.

Furthermore, sex can maintain healthy blood pressure, lead to better sleep, reduce stress, and even prevent colon cancer! In short, couples who have sex regularly claim to have a more respectful relationship and don’t come off as “cocky” to each other. (No pun intended).

Final thoughts 

In the end, you should always keep in mind that relationships are not a race but a marathon. It’s all about taking one step at a time and holding on to each other regardless of the circumstances. No matter the achievements or the pitfalls, at the core of every healthy relationship, you will find trust, honesty, and respect towards one another. 

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