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7 Simple Yet Powerful Tips to Building Trust in Friendships – JoyScore Inc

The building of a healthy bond in friendship is not restricted to the quantity of fun time we spend together. The presence of love, compassion, respect, and trust play a major role in deciding how strong your relations are and how long they will survive. As long as friendship is concerned, it is a close association between two people who perceive positive energy from each other. One cannot be forced to be friends with someone, as happens in blood relations. Therefore, your friends intend to become a very important part of your lives, and you tend to trust them a lot.

The importance of trust in friendship must be acknowledged by every individual. Without trust, there is no authenticity in friendship. Your friends should count on you and should not be let down or hurt because of some minor lies or misunderstandings. 

If you are interested in building trust in friendships, read about some major facts that are salient for you to earn the trust.


Any relationship, including friendship, demands the support, encouragement, and time of your partner. No matter what the situation is, you must be available for your friend and always support them. 

At times, if one cannot be of any help to their friend, providing a shoulder to cry on can at least aid in healing.

Being available in difficult times is possible only when you two are on talking terms with each other daily. Therefore, try taking out some time regularly for your friends and enjoy the non-replaceable bond.


Building trust in friendships

Building trust in friendships is possible only when both individuals are valued equally. If, in the long run, the one who is assertive dominates and who is naturally timid follows, it will be the end. No individual likes their opinion to be overlooked because it harms their self-respect.

But you need not be formal or always polite as it will be against the rule of friendship. One just needs to maintain the balance and consider the other person’s opinion even when it is inappropriate. For instance, your friend may wish to celebrate your birthday at a restaurant, but you want to stay home and watch a movie with him. So, don’t be domineering; just tell him that you both will work out on this plan on his birthday instead.


A healthy bond cannot be built if even one partner remains introverted. Friendship differs from the relationship you share with your colleagues, where you return each other’s “Good Morning” when passing by and remain superficial. 

However, a formal relationship can also turn into friendship in the long run.

When a person is in the early stages of friendship, his insecurities don’t let him open up with his secrets. The reason is his fear of giving the other person a chance to hurt him by gossiping or making fun of him. But trust me, a true friend will never do that! Else, they will respect and support your dark side also and help you gain trust in friendship.


Trust in friendship can be easily destroyed when you don’t want to change your habit of lying. Making fake promises to get rid of a situation can never be fruitful for any relationship. 

A simple example can be of a friend who makes a plan of shopping every weekend and has not shown up for the last 2months. You will never want to trust such a friend even for other plans or asking for help in your difficult times. This gradually weakens your bond, and you may lose a loyal friend.


Any bond will survive only when equal efforts are put in by both partners. Equality in a relationship cannot be measured with any tool. You don’t need a bean counter for that. 

One mandatory effort both the partners need to put in is communication. If one is busy more often, at least they must make it a habit of returning calls and messages whenever they get free. Communication is the key to keep you updated with your friend’s current situation, and you can be available in their difficult times as a caring cushion.


Friendship does not allow you to enter into your partner’s personal space. To build trust in friendships, you need not be connected 24/7. Never become dependent on your partner for your happiness in any relationship. A healthy bond demands adjustments from both sides, where you may need to compromise over time when one is busy with their work or family.

Other than time constraints, certain people also set some boundaries that neither one should cross. So, be mindful of how you address your friend even when you two are in a cheerful mood. Some people may also not like talking about their love life, so this is where you should not be intruding and offending your friend.


Building trust in friendships becomes an easy job when the partners are honest. 

Tell your friend the truth, no matter how big or small. Your friend trusts you and expects an honest opinion on her dressing. Don’t lie if you don’t like it. It will hurt her when an outsider criticizes it.

Other than being honest, you need to stand on your commitments also. If fate places you in two different cities, stay connected through distance rather than looking for new ones. Your efforts, patience, and time will make you dependable.


Building trust in friendships

Expression of feelings is very important to build trust in friendship. Don’t expect your partner to read your mind, as it will lead to misunderstandings. Be vocal or show them your care, love, and affection.

Even the feeling of guilt has to be shown if you ever make mistakes. Again, don’t just act normally after a whole lot of chaos you created; go and apologize first. Never let your ego spoil everything.


Building trust in friendships

A friend’s presence matters a lot to a person in good times as well as bad times. Seeing your friend happy for you making it to the finals of basketball in the inter-college championship is one good feeling. 

So, try and show up for their important days; even if they fail, you will be there not to let them feel low. Your encouragement can be of great help as you two know each other in and out. Therefore, help your friends to improve their weak side in every era of life.

Friendship is one special bond every individual desire. If you have one friend or a bunch of them, it doesn’t matter. As long as they understand the importance of trust in friendship. Sharing your life with someone who will not judge you and keep your secrets confidential is special.

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