10 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Love Yourself First

by | Aug 4, 2022 | Life

Why do you have to love yourself? 

The answer is simple: because that’s the only way to make it through life.

It’s easy to feel down on yourself when you’re surrounded by people with seemingly perfect lives, but remember that no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and insecurities. Even those who appear to be at the top of their game have things about themselves they don’t like and would change if they could. 

Here are some reasons why it’s important for you to love yourself first.

  1. You are responsible for yourself

You will be happier when you love yourself. When you care about yourself, you are more likely to take care of your health, your appearance, and your overall well-being. You will make better decisions because you know what is best for you.

If you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to believe that anyone else can love you too. So if you want to be loved by someone else, the first step is to love yourself first.

2. Because you have to!

If you pay close attention to people, you can find something to like about just about anyone. You might not understand why they do what they do or behave how they behave, but that doesn’t mean you can’t respect them for it—or even learn from them! In fact, you can learn a lot from people you don’t always agree with or understand simply by listening to them and trying to put yourself in their shoes. We all want the same basic things: acceptance, love, friendship, and laughter.

3. It is not selfish

It’s not selfish to love yourself. In fact, it’s healthy. It’s how you know that you deserve love and support from the outside world and that the world is worthy of your love and respect, too. Loving yourself is what makes you capable of loving other people—and it’s what makes other people want to love you back.

As far as your own self-worth goes, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says about you or how they treat you. The only thing that can affect your confidence and your emotional state is how you feel about yourself. It’s important to ask yourself why you’re feeling down on yourself at any given time. 

Remember that there are certain things that have nothing to do with who you are as a person. For example, your appearance, a person’s opinion of you or your circumstances, or a particular situation in which someone has hurt you.

  1. Be an inspiration to others

When you love yourself, you can be an inspiration to other people. You’re not afraid to be yourself and show the world your true colors. You’re able to show the real you and let others see your flaws. You don’t need to impress anyone, because when you love yourself, you know that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you.

  1. You deserve that!

You deserve to love yourself! You’re a good person! Those are things you tell yourself, right? But it’s easy to forget that you’re all of those things, and then, suddenly, there’s a period of time when you feel like none of that is true. Maybe it was a bad day at work or a fight with your family. Maybe you made a mistake and really regret it. Maybe you’re having trouble with something at home. 

But as long as you remember how wonderful and capable and intelligent and beautiful you are—as long as you remind yourself that these things are true—you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way next.

  1. It improves your health

When you begin to truly love yourself and take care of your own needs, you’re better able to stay healthy. You’ll start by eating healthier food because it tastes better to you. You’ll be more motivated to exercise and get moving because you enjoy it more. You’ll have the self-confidence to say “no” when someone is trying to talk you into something that’s not good for you. You’ll understand how important it is to take time for yourself and rest because your body and mind need time to recover from the daily stressors and responsibilities of life. When your health is on track, it shows in your appearance, which helps you feel even more confident about yourself.

  1. You can create real change

You know that cliché “If you want something done, ask a busy person”? It’s true: The more you have going on in your life, the more time and energy you have to dedicate to making things happen. Think about it: If you’re always running from one place to the next and constantly have your mind on a million different things, you’re probably pretty good at juggling all of them—and because of that, you’ll be better equipped to manage the many facets of self-love.

  1. Know yourself and embrace however you are

It’s impossible to physically change your personality, so why try? Instead, embrace all aspects of who you are — even if they’re challenging at times — and spend time getting to know yourself better.

  1. Be your inner critic
love yourself

We all have that voice inside our heads that’s a little too hard on us sometimes, always pointing out the flaws and imperfections and urging us to be better. It’s only natural to be wary of this voice and try to push it down, but when you do that, you’re missing out on some really great things. An inner critic can provide motivation and encouragement to live up to your potential. It can tell you where you need to improve and show you what has value in your life.

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Dr. Bob Singhal

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