5 Ways to Make Your Dad Feel Special on Father’s Day

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Ways to Make Your Dad Feel Special on Father’s Day

A provider, a protector, and a superhero. Every dad fits these roles perfectly. As we grow up, we look at our first role model, a strong and independent man who makes everything look easy. Yet being a dad is nowhere near as easy as it seems on the outside.

The sheer pressure our beloved fathers go through is anything we have imagined. And on top of that, they have to take care of these unresponsible, trouble-making goofballs such as ourselves.

With so many balls in the air, our father still manages to carve time for their family and even takes time to play catch occasionally. So, a superhero like them certainly deserves a day dedicated to all the fathers out there. But why just one? Why not make every day memorable for your daddy? 

Well, we got some tricks up our sleeves that you can use on Father’s day or any other day to make your father feel special, appreciated, and loved, which they deserve more than anyone in the world.

How to make father’s day special

Figuring out the right way to acknowledge your father’s contributions to the family can be tricky. However, there are many ways to make your dad feel special on father’s day. Find out the best five tips to celebrate Father’s day below.

Do what makes your dad happy.

How you celebrate Father’s Day will essentially boil downs to figuring out what your dad likes and what are the things that make him the happiest. That can mean planning a grand celebration on this special day, simply taking a walk with him to the park, or even doing some household chores so your father can relax with your mother.

But, in the end, you must do something with your father to make him happy. Plan activities to do with your dad that he will enjoy. Maybe he likes fishing, baseball, or board games with the whole family. Choose something you know he’ll love

Let him sleep in

Father’s day is not just showing your affection with gifts and hype parties. It could be something straightforward. We don’t need to tell you that one of the best gifts you can give anyone is the gift of sleep. 

So, instead of jumping right into the activities, let him relax. Let him take a long nap and decompress from all the stress and tension they feel daily. Surprise them with breakfast in bed or just a hot cup of coffee with toast.  

Engage in a group activity

One of the loving ways to make your dad happy is to engage in a group activity. Although we live under the same roof, connecting with your father can still be tough. Today, everyone has a busy schedule, and carving out quality time with your dad can be difficult for you and your father. 

Therefore, one of the best things you can do this father’s day is to indulge in a group activity with your father. Maybe take a hike with the whole family or help him tunning his car. Remember that gifts are not just things you buy but also the small gestures and acts of compassion you perform for them.

Engaging in a group activity does not mean you have to go out and do something. It could be something as simple as hanging out with your father at home, watching a movie, or even challenging him to a video game tournament. Ultimately, the main goal is to spend time with him and make him feel valued and loved.

Complete some chores 

Father’s day

Nobody likes doing household chores, but most often than not, all your father wants you to do is to complete those frustrating tasks. Well, it might be a good choice this fathers day take up those chores and complete them without him asking. 

You can also help your dad out with his chores around the house. This will allow your father to spend that time with your mother. He can also utilize that time to do something that he has been putting off for a while. 

Furthermore, it is a fantastic way to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him by taking some of that workload off his shoulders. If he’s meant to mow the lawn for a week now, do it yourself. Something this small can make a huge difference.

Try to notice what your dad does at home. For example, if he usually does the dishes, offer to do them on Father’s Day or any day for that matter.

Make a gift from him.

It is easy to buy something for your father from a shop, but it will not hold that emotional value that your father will really want. Making a personalized gift for your dad is a great way to show your love and appreciation for him. 

A personalized gift can be something meaningful and full of personal touch. It doesn’t have to be expensive but must have a personal touch with an emotional value.

For instance, you can create an attractive collage of photos and videos of your family’s favorite moments and make a movie for your pop. To make it more memorable. You can also make a thing out of it by hosting a special screening for close friends and family. Whatever you do should be memorable and show your care and affection for your father.

Besides that, you can also give him a great gift which he might not buy for himself. It could be something that your father desires. It could be a nice watch, trendy clothes, or a new phone.    

Final thoughts

Being a dad requires constant dedication and unconditional love, especially when times are tough. To honor someone who gave birth to us is impossible, and we certainly cannot celebrate our first hero in just one day.

However, we can try to express our love and care to our fathers daily instead of just one day. The points mentioned above not only provide essential ways to make your dad feel special on father’s day but also allow us to show our love every day to our fathers.

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