Real Wealth- Abundance Of What’s Valuable To You

by | May 1, 2022 | Life

Wealth can have different meanings for different people around the world. It does not just simply the amount of money one has. However, most people consider money as the only wealth they possess. However, some think that.

So, who is this other lot? And what do they value other than money?

Real wealth is of true value, something you cherish for life. That stays with you forever, and no one can take it from you.

That’s why you need to understand your real wealth. It’s not about all the money you have, but it’s about how you will spend that money to find happiness, peace, etc.

Read on to get an insight into what this really means!

The Real wealth inside- Physical and mental well-being

Earning money is our first priority to secure our future but in the wake of things,, we often forget to look after our health, both mental and physical. We are constantly under stress and pressure, trying to make everything right for our family, friends,, etc. Engrossed in the daily rut, we tend to ignore our health which is of utmost importance.

‘Health is Wealth’ is a famous quote that we hear all the time but do we implement it in our lives? Only if we are healthy sans any ailment will we be able to work, earn money, and do good for ourselves and our family. 

As much as physical health is important, keeping fit mentally should also be your mantra for acquiring real wealth in life. Try to keep stress at bay, and be at peace with yourself by exercising regularly, doing yoga, meditating,, and taking good care of your overall health. 

The Real wealth of Gratitude

Be grateful! Appreciate what you have instead of fussing and frowning over what you do not. The real wealth lies in the positivity you gain after practicing gratitude. It is the best way to acknowledge how good your life is!

The feeling of gratitude also helps you connect with something larger than life, a power that pushes you through difficult situations,, and you feel thankful to have that power in your life.

Apart from feeling positive, practicing gratitude makes you happy, uplifts your spirits, helps to strengthen your relationship with others, and makes you compassionate and forgiving. A bonus is that It also helps improve your overall health. 

Isn’t that a lot of wealth in the real sense?

The Real wealth of Relationships

“Money can make you happy if you spend it on others, i.e., relationships,” says Michael Norton, a social science researcher. 

One of the longest ongoing studies at Harvard showed a correlation between mood and relationship. Men who were single experienced more pain and a drop in their moods than those in a relationship. The study also showed that maintaining good relationships leads to a healthy body and a healthy state of mind.

So, you should always strive to do better in your relationships. Improve them by pouring love, respect, and care each day to make them stronger and healthier. Make your relationships secure by having each other’s back and support. Healthy relationships are equivalent to the immense wealth you can acquire during your lifetime.

The Real Wealth of time spent with loved ones

Real wealth

Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories.’ Have you ever thought about these lines? If not, then think about them and try to incorporate the same into your lives because neither money nor success can take the place that you spend with your loved ones.

In these modern times, where everyone is busy in their own life, it becomes important to spend some quality time with your family and friends. 

  • Giving even five minutes to your kids after you return from work can make them happy and put a smile on their faces. 
  • Try to at least eat thrice a week with everyone in the family, share your experiences with them, and tell them about your day at work. 
  • Share chores with your wife.
  • Help your children with their homework sometimes, play games with them, take them out for picnics and read to them. Giving children your time is the most precious and real wealth you will acquire in your life. 
  • Praying together with your loved ones takes your relationship to another level.

The Real Wealth of Nature

Real wealth

Never ignore the beautiful world around you. The clear blue skies,  birds singing their soulful songs, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, welcoming sand and beaches, and tall green trees. 

Soak up all the good things around you, embrace nature, and learn about wildlife, plants,, and trees. Preserve them and take good care of them.

Connect with nature by sitting in a quiet place, observing and immersing yourself in your natural surroundings. Get the feel of your senses by closing your eyes and focusing on the chirping of birds, the swishing of leaves, and feeling the cool breeze. 

Go for regular treks/ hikes and enjoy the serenity of your environment. Value the gift of nature, appreciate it, and love it.

You can plant trees, conserve resources such as water, reduce, reuse and recycle and manage waste properly. This way,, you can give back to nature.

The wealth of personal freedom 

Personal freedom means when you do not live by the rules made by others. When you are free to do what you want, whom you want to stay with, what job you want to take up etc. But unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in life. 

You go on doing a job you do not like, stay in relationships that are toxic, and show happiness even though you are sad.

But what you don’t realize is that the power to change this lies in your own hands. You are responsible for your happiness and have the absolute potential to do things you like. If you are sad about something or regret having done something, don’t blame it on others or fate. 

Take charge and acknowledge the mistakes you have made leading to your unhappiness. Correct these mistakes and move forward with a happy frame of mind.

You are the only one who can make things right for yourself. So, the wealth of being free and the desire to do things to fulfil your wishes lie truly in your own hands.

You can’t afford to crib about things; if you can’t stay with someone or don’t like someone, ignore them. If you have taken up a job you don’t like, look for another one.

Don’t ever give up on this wealth; set yourself free and be the ruler of your kingdom!

So what does it boil down to?

As quoted rightly by Bernard Meltzer “The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” 
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Dr. Bob Singhal

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