Radical Self-Love

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Mind

We live in an age of trust and collaboration. People are motivated by those who come across as self-reliant and optimistic at each stage and each generation, from the charismatic doctor to the enthusiastic, inspiring speaker or the caring and friendly teacher.

Self-love encompasses Self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image. They are structures that denote how we look at ourselves, view ourselves as individual entities, and represent our personalities to the rest. Confidence is the secret to a fulfilling life, high self-esteem, and practicing self-love is where it all begins.

Loving and taking care of yourself and putting your happiness as a priority isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity. Practicing self-love does not indicate that you are self-absorbed or selfish or that you ignore others. Instead, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion. Contrary to popular belief, spending time on yourself isn’t seen as egocentric. If you’re guilty of continually thinking not-so-happy thoughts or being there for everyone except yourself, relax, practice self-care, and brighten your mindset. 

Happy Mother and Daughter
Happy Mother and Daughter

Steps to increase self-esteem and find inner peace:

1) Get to Know Yourself

 What brings you joy? What are your passions? Take out time to get to know yourself as a person. Plunging into this exercise can be a fantastic way to discover things about yourself that maybe you never knew before!

2) Remove the Negativity in your Life

Encircling yourself with negative energy is a surefire way to get wrapped up in negative thoughts yourself. If your desire to feel happy and peaceful is taken away by something or someone, it requires immediate attention or entirely eradicates the negativity from your life.

3) Use Positive Affirmations

Using optimistic mantras or affirmations to help solidify your mind’s positive thoughts can be a helpful tool to get through the hard days! 

4) Practice Gratitude

There is goodness to be found in every single day if we seek it. I can guarantee that there are always at least a couple of things that you can be thankful for in your life, including on days when it feels like there is nothing to smile about.

5) Listen to what your Heart wants

Our heart sometimes tells us things that we don’t want to hear. Perhaps this comes in the form of a gut feeling that we neglect because it needs us to make complicated or unpleasant choices or need more power from us than we think we have to offer.


6) Give yourself Grace

Let go of perfectionism and treat yourself with the same forgiveness you give to others. We are all on a path to better ourselves and to continue making progress, and no one, including yourself, can be expected to be flawless all the time!

I think the real secret of happiness is knowing that it’s an inside job. It’s about understanding that life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you. After working on myself and my growth, I’ve learned that having a high sense of self-worth or high self-esteem and knowing you are worthy of being happy is the secret to true happiness and leading a complete and joyful life. Download JoyScore to get more insights on living a Joyful life. 

Dr. Bob Singhal

Professor Bhupendra 'Bob' Singhal, has taught creativity by joy and right-brain thinking, is a renowned international architect, won major design competitions, has over 70 awards, publications, and media mentions, and served as President of the American Institute of Architects South Bay. In 2011, in his book Joy in Health and Happiness: Your Optimal Path to Success, Professor Singhal wrote about the transformative power of joy and helped readers learn to enhance their daily experience of it.


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