Importance Of Gratitude Journaling and Ways To Bring In Your Daily Routine

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Imagine starting your day with a positive mood, energized body, and ready to take on the world. Well, this is what gratitude does to you. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude can improve your physical and mental health. The simplistic habit of evaluating and writing down what you’re grateful for can lead to a happier, more peaceful life. 

Showing gratitude or being grateful in general seems a pretty easy thing to do. But, in reality, it is a much harder cookie to crack than it looks. The best way to achieve this milestone is to maintain a gratitude journal. Gratitude journals are not like a “dear diary” that you keep as a teenager. It is a journal that you write about the arbitrary thoughts of the day, the things you have seen, and the things you are grateful for. 

Gratitude journaling is becoming a popular and proven method of practicing gratitude. And we are here to guide you on how you can make gratitude journaling a daily part of your life and habits.

Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Everyone’s gratitude journal is different, and there is no defined way to keep a gratitude journal. However, we have some tips that will make this process easier for you and help you make it a habit you will easily stick to.

Gratitude Journaling Tips
Gratitude Journaling Tips

Choose a journal

The first step for starting gratitude journaling (don’t worry, it is easy) is selecting a journal to record your thoughts. There are a few things that you can keep in mind before choosing a journal. For instance, whether you want to physically write the journal or type it on a digital device, will you be carrying the journal around or have a dedicated place for writing, or so on.

Traditionally, many have recommended keeping a physical journal, but you can also use dedicated journaling apps available in the market. Nonetheless, whether you go for the physical or digital type of journaling, keep in mind, it will be for the long haul.

Reassure yourself of the benefits

Many people can find it hard to get started on their journaling cycle, and if you haven’t kept a journal before, chances are it will be a tough thing to get a grip on. To counter this problem, it is always essential to reassure yourself of the benefits that this activity holds and the changes it can bring to your life just by spending a little time every day and indulging in the process. Reminding yourself daily of the benefits of gratitude can give you the boost you need and fuel you to keep going for a long time to come.

Big or small, write it down!

The amazing thing about keeping a gratitude journal is that it pushes you to evaluate things you are grateful for. These things can be as big as winning a lottery or small as having a plate full of food. The only thing you have to do is write it down. 

You can begin by looking at the things around you. Maybe you can be grateful for the pen you’re holding, as it enables you to record your thoughts, or perhaps you can be grateful that you have electricity in your house. You can express your gratitude for the cozy bed you sleep in every night, or you can be thankful towards a friend who met you today. While these things may not seem that big, starting small and journaling about small things can make a big difference over time.

Perfection is in the details.

You can maintain your gratitude journal much better if you put more details into your entries, write about things precisely, and why they make you thankful. Gratitude journal keeping can get way more fun and way more engaging if you try to mention why you liked the thing and why that thing or gesture made you thankful as you are. 

Getting precise and running deep with your entries helps you build a stronger bond with the things you manifest gratitude for. Not to mention, being conscious of why you feel thankful can help you get even better results out of your journal. 

Write about different things.

Another way to improve your daily gratitude practice is to write about different areas and aspects of your life. Concentrating on a single part of your life can restrict your self-perception and limit your gratitude and journaling experience. You can write about the personal, professional, or even intimate part of your life. 

You can also mention the things you have learned or the accomplishments you have achieved on the day. Expanding your horizons and significantly enhancing your satisfaction for gratitude journaling and that gratitude feeling within you.

Carve out time for the activity

If you want to make gratitude journaling a part of your routine, then committing to the process is the only way to do it. Practicing gratitude benefits the mind and the body, but it is only beneficial if you do it regularly. Some of the best times to write in your daily gratitude journal are in the morning or just before bed at night. 

We understand that everyone is busy, and it is not easy to make time in this fast-pacing world. Although to start a daily gratitude practice habit, it is also important to make time for your mental health and mindfulness.

Don’t get carried away. 

Overuse of anything is harmful, and the same goes with gratitude journaling also. Always keep yourself in check and try not to overdo gratitude journaling. It is recommended to write in your gratitude journal once or twice a day.


There is a mountain of benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. It provides your thoughts an exit point and allows you to dive deep within yourself and practice gratefulness. Now that you have a cheat sheet to make your gratitude journaling practice last, the final step is to begin. Don’t wait for a special occasion or a sign from God. Just pick up a pen and start your mindful experience.  

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