How To Do Meditation At Home-Office & Best Place To Do It

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Meditation refers to a technique used for achieving mindfulness, mental health, and peace for centuries. Meditation can help you provide mental clarity and enhanced concentration by training your mind and improving your focus. 

People who meditate daily find that there are numerous health benefits of meditation. Regular meditation practice can improve many areas of your life, including being more efficient at work or being more attentive towards your friends, family, and romantic relationships. 

However, in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, making meditation a daily habit is no piece of cake. Moreover, people often find it hard to start this practice as they are unaware of the techniques, in’s, and out’s of meditation. 

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Hence, we are here to guide you in this journey. This article contains all the information you need to start your daily meditation practice. We will cover how you can practice meditation at home or the office and the best places to have your meditation sessions.

1) How to do meditation at the office

A stressful workplace can be a crucial source of anxiety, burnout, and stress. While there is no way to eradicate stress from the workplace, it can certainly reduce it with the help of meditation. More businesses are recognizing the importance of these holistic, evidence-based practices to improve the health and productivity of their employees.

While we can do meditation anytime and anywhere, people often tend to meditate better when they have a dedicated space. Many big companies now have meditation rooms especially made for their employee’s well-being. While looking for space for meditation, try to find open empty rooms with glass walls with minimal disturbance.

Meditation techniques you can use at work

Employees can use many relaxation techniques to meditate in the office while sticking to their airtight schedule. Some of these techniques are stated below. 

a) Take time to breathe.

Before jumping into your work, take a second to count your breaths. As small as five minutes of pause can make a huge difference in your day. Focusing on your breathing is one of the easiest ways to engage in mindfulness meditation. The simple meditation method of mindful breathing is ideal for people who want to develop a razor-sharp focus.

How to do meditation in office
Meditate In Office

b) Try quick meditation apps

There are numerous great meditation apps available in the market that you can try out, and apps such as Joyscore are prominent ones. These applications give you quick meditation sessions that you can do to relieve your stress and anxiety of the day’s workload. 

These apps also keep your daily meditation exercises in check by providing timely reminders about the upcoming sessions and keeping track of your daily progress.

c) Try mindful eating

Yes, mindful eating is a thing. Mindful eating means savoring your food, taking the time to enjoy every bite rather than rushing through the meal and gulping it down. Instead, take time, notice the colors and aromas, experience the feeling of chewing and swallowing, and enjoy every bite of the meal. It will automatically make you eat slowly and will also prevent you from over and irregular eating. 

Furthermore, this relaxed way of eating will also prove to be a blessing for your digestion and enable you to get more nutrients and energy from the meal.

healthy eating for meditation
Healthy & Mindful Eating

d) Take a walking meditation

Most people don’t know this but simply walking is also an excellent technique of meditation. Taking a meditative walk outside of the office provides you a chance to go deep within yourself. To start walking meditation, go outside, start walking and let go of any stress or anxiety you hold. 

While walking, look around and notice the sky, the trees and listen to the voices of birds. Nature possesses the ability to calm your mind and reduce any negative thoughts that you might have. 

e) Visualization-based meditation

Visualization-based meditation is another method of meditation that you can use for office meditation. This technique refers to visualizing yourself in a different environment or a different setting. For instance, you can imagine yourself sitting on a beach or sitting on a cliff watching a beautiful sunset. These visual aids are a great way to refresh yourself and reconnect to the present moment.

2) How to do meditation at home

Meditating at home is a preferred choice of many people, as you are in a comfortable and “homely” space where you can relax and focus on your meditation practice at home. Although meditation requires constancy and discipline, meditation practice should not feel like work. It is vital to find out the balance between too rigid and too relaxed.

a) Start small

To start meditation at home, it’s recommended to start with small, manageable sessions and gradually increase the time. Even three minutes of meditation can make a big difference at the start. It might sound like a child’s play, but sitting in awareness for a few minutes can feel like forever for beginners.

b) Pick a spot

Another tip for optimizing your meditation and mindfulness practice is to pick out a comfortable and quiet spot. Select a time suitable for you, get into a comfortable position, and just start meditating.  

c) Start concentrating 

Focus on your breathing, notice every sensation in your body, and try to be present at the moment. Meditation is a known method to increase your concentration. It can relieve you from all your negative thoughts and promote gratitude and kindness. 

d) Let your mind wander

It is inevitable that your mind will start to wander at some point in time, and you will feel distracted. Well, the trick is not trying to control your thoughts but letting them wander for a while and then come back to the present.

Best place to do meditation

When it comes to the best places for meditation, the answer may differ from person to person. There are many different settings you might feel most comfortable in, such as. 

Parks/Gardens – nothing stimulates your mind better than a breath of fresh air, and parks have an abundance of it. Nature presents many sanctuaries for the resourceful meditator making gardens is one of the best places for your meditation practice.

do meditation
Meditate In Park

Near waterfalls and rivers – Banks of rivers, waterfalls, and streams are some of the best spots to practice meditation. The gentle sound of water running downstream and the cold breeze is well-suited for meditation. It helps in calming the mind and body while allowing you to be present at the moment.

Rooftop or terrace – If you’re looking for a meditation space outside of your apartment, rooftops, terraces, and balconies are great choices. These spaces are recommended to people living in large metropolitan areas where parks and gardens are scarce.

Spiritual places – Whether you are a religious person or not, meditating in a holy place can be a great way to take your sessions to the next level. Places like monasteries are specially created for meditation and opening new levels of consciousness. 

Make a difference in your life by inculcating the habit of meditation. It will help you calm, composed, and joyful. You can download the JoyScore app to get started with guided meditation and more mindful tips and tricks.

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