How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Parents

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Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Parents

The relationship between child and parents changes over time. Being in a relationship with another person comes with its ups and downs. However, the relationship between child and parents is even more complex, as it has been there for your entire life.

One’s parents are who taught how to walk, talk, and nurture them. Even though they have become a grown-up, we still need parental guidance in our life because some aspects of our nature will be directly influenced by our parents.

In this article, we will tell you how the relationship between child and parents differs over time and different ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Parents.

The bond between parents and children

The first question that comes to mind is, “What is Attachment?”. It is an everlasting emotional bond between two individuals. Attachment between a parent and a child starts even before birth.

With time, attachment with parents changes, but it remains essential throughout our lives. Past feelings of closeness influence the present relationship between child and parents.

There are lots of challenges both sides face. Some parents are quite fearlessly independent. They see any kind of help or need as a sign of weakness. Therefore, they do not want their children to interfere in their decisions and want no support.

Some parents swing another way entirely. Sometimes they become overly needy and want their children to drop everything and run back to them whenever they call.

Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Parents

Clear Communication

relationship with your parents

Transparent communication plays a key role in any relationship. If both sides do not know what they want from each other, then they are supposed to solve it or do the job. Many people say that ageing parents want their children to listen to them, take their concerns seriously, and be their advisors or advocates.

Adult children are said to avoid telling their parents what to do. Instead, give them choices that facilitate them in decision making.

Nevertheless, it is said that we should listen to what our elders say, so this is the main aspect to have clear or transparent communication between parents and children.

Respect the Elders

As people age, we face physical and mental challenges that can affect their quality of living. Ageing people yearn for dignity and respect as their circumstances change. They want to be valued, recognized, visible and acknowledged. 

Therefore, keep these points in mind while communicating with an ageing parent. Studies say if we follow these points, it can positively impact their health and well-being. Everything we do helps us put ourselves in our parent’s shoes and think about how we would feel if the positions were switched.

Address the Relationship

Sometimes it is crucial to take a step back and take a better look at your relationship with your parents.

Often, parents and children have a few unsolved issues between them. These results affect the quality of your relationship with your parents and interactions in numerous distinct ways. For a healthy relationship, both parties have to look after each other and try to reminisce about their strong bond in the past.

Looking back does not mean that we are judging or blaming anybody. Keeping a relationship is a two-way street, and both sides have their roles to play.

Instead, the process will help us understand more and let us know the different reactions and how to handle them. Doing such things helps resolve the problems and gives us the confidence to create a greater bond.

Navigating Tricky territories

The ideal approach to resolving any problem is to have an honest conversation with one another to lessen the tensions between both parties. Therefore, as an adult, we need to approach our parents with respect. 

An ageing parent needs a support system, not a caretaker. Both terms have different meanings in this situation. A caretaker is a person who takes care of everything related to the daily chores and so on. However, a support system means that a person needs support like help or giving advice to the other person when in need. 

Friendly Assistance

relationship with your parents

Individuals need to be independent to be happy and fulfilled. Adult children should offer help or assistance to parents as they age and make sure it is offered voluntarily, not imposed.

Supporting your parents at home can be challenging for several reasons. Some seniors are hesitant to accept help because it threatens their independence or is perceived as a burden. Giving ageing adults an opportunity for independence can help alleviate those situations.

Researchers suggest telling parents how good you feel when you help them and when you want to assist them. As a result, your ageing parents may be more willing to accept help because they know they are, in turn, enhancing your life.

Tell them how your parents contribute to your life so they feel like you’re giving back rather than accepting assistance from them without giving anything in return.

Possessing the Feeling of Control

Researchers found that control reliance directly impacts physical and mental health. Psychological science observed that if ageing people lack control, their self-care habits deteriorate.

Sometimes, adult children point out flaws due to ageing that can put their parents on the defensive and make them feel like they are losing control. Instead, try to focus on what we appreciate more about our parents. Like, the wise advice they give or how their upbringing influenced us.

The most important thing to remember for forming a strong relationship with your parents is to be positive. By maintaining their self-esteem and mental health, ageing parents can benefit from a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Getting older can be challenging, but learning and taking lessons from the journey is different. Every child learns from their parents. They showcase their sacrament. Clear and respectful communication is the key to graceful ageing. 

We need to look for what’s best at the time. Be positive and encourage your elderly loved ones to get involved in activities they enjoy to keep them active and engaged.

We hope that this article could give you an insight and an idea about the things you can do to have a healthy relationship with your parents. If you want to learn more about healthy relationships and how you can improve them, download the Joyscore app to get started.

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