Benefits Of Transforming Your Bathroom To Lush Green Lawn

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The Bathroom offers that momentary space of seclusion and a great place to unwind from the tensions of the day with a nice hot shower or warm bath. In this, the Bathroom becomes much more than just another room in the house; it becomes a safe space. So, your Bathroom needs a new appearance. When you add plants to your bathroom, they don’t just look attractive; they purify the surrounding air, keep pollutants away, and eliminate unpleasant odors. They also ease stress and make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, which is why you must keep greens in your bathroom.

What do plants do to the Bathroom

Indoor plants are useful in so many ways: They are a lovely visual addition to space, creating warmth, and adding color. They function in the opposite direction of what we do when we breathe: release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, which not only freshens up the air but also eliminates harmful toxins. Aside from their air-purifying qualities, plants provide style. If you love to add plants to your home but cannot keep them breathing, consider placing them in your Bathroom. Plantlife in your Bathroom adds warmth and fresh oxygen to spaces that can sometimes be sterile. But, keep in mind that plants require natural sunlight. Plants generally strive on the regular doses of moisture that come from your shower. 

Grandma's Green Bathroom
Grandma’s Green Bathroom

 How do I place Plants in my Bathroom

 Simple Hanging

To add aesthetic into your Bathroom, choose a simple plant to hang. Opt for something flowy that ensures the plant will fill up space on the wall. You can use the ceiling to hang or use a towel hook to keep it right at eye level. 

 Go Tiny

Small-scale plants, along with sleek planters, will fit perfectly on any countertop or shelf. If you’re tight on space area, this is the perfect approach to try.

 Shelves display

Use the shelves to exhibit some vibrant greens. From plants that tend to swirl to ones that grow big and bushy, an empty shelf or two is ideal for these greens to thrive. For using the shelves, make sure you’re working with plants that don’t necessarily require sunlight. A bold choice like a Boston fern is an ideal choice. 

 Bathtub Display

Explore the side ledges of the bathtub, and place small potted plants. Choose plants with different heights to create a little anecdote that will feel like a miniature jungle of your own. 

 Use Excess Space

Declutter some of your essentials into storage baskets to make way for a small plant on your shelves. Also, a hanging plant uplifts the bathroom when placed on a shower curtain rod.

Plants as per the nature of Bathroom

Choose plants for a bathroom with the assumption that they need to tolerate humid conditions. Yet constant humidity is present only in the master or family bathrooms, where the shower or bathtub usage is more frequent. In a guest bathroom, the conditions may be relatively dry most of the time and darker than in a family bathroom. Make sure to consider the nature of the Bathroom and pick plants that are suited to those conditions. Plants for a guest bath need to have a good tolerance for drier, darker conditions.

 A lot of plants can survive in the bathroom that has a window and gets natural light. Keep the plants away from the source of water (so don’t place them on the floor of your shower) Opt for planters with drainage holes.

Living plants turn bathrooms into pleasant places for users, improving the decor and air quality. And the Bathroom can be a suitable environment for plants. A warm, humid bath provides the perfect setting for plants, and water to irrigate the plants is always close at hand. But, still make your choices tactfully. The bathroom temperature is not perfect all the time for all the indoor plants. 

Bathtub Plants
Bathtub Plants
  • Even though there is warm, humid air during shower time, the room can become colder when not in use for hours, especially after dawn. These fluctuations in temperature are not suitable for many indoor plants.
  • Not all plants survive in high levels of humidity. Plants like Succulents prefer drier conditions and will rot if kept consistently moist. Several other plants develop powdery mildew in high humidity.
  • Some bathrooms are darker, which means low levels of sunlight. You can overcome this restriction with fluorescent bulbs, which provide plenty of light in wavelengths that plants can use.

The above three factors should be kept in consideration while choosing the plants for the Bathroom. The following are some suggestions for plants that will do in average bathroom conditions.

 1. Asparagus Fern 

This plant loves the humidity of a bathroom. It grows well in either moderate or bright light, so a spot by a window is best. The plant is highly toxic—keep away from pets and small children.

 2. Begonia 

Many types of begonias grow very well in containers, and they enjoy the warmth and humidity of a bathroom shelf—begonias like humid conditions. Begonias famous for their flowers need a bright spot in the Bathroom, with some direct early morning sunlight. 

3. Bromeliads 

Bromeliads readily produce long-lasting blooms in locations where most house plants can not blossom at all. These are ideally suited to grow in the Bathroom’s humidity, but they also need the right amount of air circulation. The bathroom exhaust fan could run for a few hours each day. 

 4. Cast-Iron Plant 

 It is one of the rare indoor plants that will bask near the full shade in the bathroom. As the plant does not require high humidity, it makes it suitable for guest bathrooms, not used frequently.

 5. Chinese Evergreen 

These large-leaved, tropical perennials will grow even if you forget to water and feed it. On the one hand, it loves humidity, and on the other hand, it will also tolerate dry air, provided put away out of cold drafts, which can damage the leaves.

 6. Croton 

These plants require bright, but indirect light, and lots of humidity and moisture, although they do not like to sit in wet soil. 

 7. Ferns 

Many ferns make great houseplants. These plants can survive the temperature fluctuations in a bathroom, and they grow well in humidity. Some can even be placed right in a shower stall, where they are regularly soaked.

 8. Gardenia 

These tropical evergreens are not particularly easy to grow indoors since they respond poorly to cold drafts or sudden blasts of heat. Still, they can work well in the Bathroom’s humid conditions, provided they get enough bright light. 

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