3 Ways To Get Better Habits

by | May 25, 2021 | Life

Good habits are often difficult to build. You need to stick with them for the long term. It requires more effort to form new habits, but it is worth it. Here are a few steps wherein you can build better habits and break the bad ones.

Improve your habits with these 3 simple steps-

1. Make a plan

The first in building better habits is to identify the habit you want to form. Set a goal and work out all specifics of achieving that goal. Then identify some of the good habits that can be a part of achieving that goal. 

For example: If you want to shed some pounds in 4 weeks, you can set a habit of working out every day for at least an hour. 

Find out what motivates you to form this new habit. Good motivation can help you to succeed. Understand the potential benefits of forming a better habit. Start from a small habit. Just a small change can increase your chances of success. Finally, you should stick to it.

As mentioned in the above example, if you plan to work out, you cannot start exercising an hour immediately. You need to start with 10 minutes a day and then gradually increase. 

Be patient with yourself as you form a new habit. Some can adjust within few weeks, but some take months to inculcate these new ones. Give yourself some time to adjust to the new routine. 

Sometimes you may stumble along the way, but it is not failure. Understanding these obstacles can help you overcome them.

planning for better habits
Make A Plan

2. Implement the habit

You may have set your goals, but it is time to implement them. It is difficult to accept the new habits, but you can achieve this by making changes to your environment. If you are planning to exercise every day, try to get up early by 30 minutes. 

Be more aware of your behavior and become more mindful. This makes habit-forming easier. Inform others to hold yourself accountable for performing the new habits. Consider getting help from family/friends to help you to stick to the habit. Tracking your progress can help you stay motivated. You can use apps like Joyscore to track your progress.

Positivity with better habits
Surround Yourself With Positivity – Implement The Habit

3. Resist bad habits

“The best way to break a habit is to drop it” – Leo Aikman

Bad habits are ingrained and automatic. They are hard to break. To overcome these bad habits, you need to be aware of the habit. Keep a log of that habit whenever you indulge in that. Once you are aware of the bad habits, take steps to overcome those. It is also crucial to reward yourself once you overcome bad habits. Make sure the reward is something that is pleasurable and good. For example, if you are planning to cut red meat and you manage to resist the urge, you can reward yourself with a new book or a trip somewhere.

yes to better habits
Resist Bad Habits

Finally, it is important to consistently practice better habits than considering the deadlines to do so. Try to focus on building a new identity and never miss the habit twice. This kind of mindset is beneficial.

If you miss the performance of habit, it is not a failure. It is quite normal. You can be a top performer only if you get back on the track quickly.

Thus, by practicing, you can improve your habits. Don’t stop; keep your journey moving forward towards self-improvement and a healthy lifestyle with better habits. Don’t forget to set a goal, track your progress, happiness, and improvements on a joyscore app.

Dr. Bob Singhal

Professor Bhupendra 'Bob' Singhal, has taught creativity by joy and right-brain thinking, is a renowned international architect, won major design competitions, has over 70 awards, publications, and media mentions, and served as President of the American Institute of Architects South Bay. In 2011, in his book Joy in Health and Happiness: Your Optimal Path to Success, Professor Singhal wrote about the transformative power of joy and helped readers learn to enhance their daily experience of it.


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