11 Ways to be Happy and Lead a Happy Life

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Life

Are you happy with the way you are leading your life? Do you feel too depressed to experience happiness in little things? Happiness does not come from big things like success, or cannot be bought through money, as some of the richest and successful people are also not happy in their lives because it is not about how much we have, but how much we enjoy that creates Happiness. Happiness knocks your door when you cherish and enjoy what you have rather than cribbing about and chasing what you do not have. It comes when there is harmony between your thoughts, words, and actions. 

We can find Happiness in little things like getting a compliment, dressing up, helping someone, a warm hug, etc. A happy mind resides in a healthy body. Happiness improves your productivity and overall health. Regardless of how happy one may seem to be, they must have had times when they question themselves if they can go on. It is about being content with who you are and not who people think you are. You deserve to be happy and live a life that you are excited about. Do not let others make you forget that. It is never too late to start being happy. Here are 11 simple ways to be happy and lead a happy life:

Live in the present

We often focus on what happened in the past and what will happen next, that we forget to live and enjoy the present. We live in a world where we do not even know what will happen tomorrow. So, why not enjoy living in the moment and find Happiness, for Happiness is the heavenly experience of living each moment with love, poise, and gratitude. 

Pursue your Hobby/ Passion/ Dream 

Every individual has a hobby/ passion that they want to pursue but could not do the same because of time constraints or maybe under societal pressure, and they find it inappropriate to take it up as a profession. It can be anything like painting, playing guitar, swimming, photography, etc. Take out some time from your routine to pursue your passion and even if it means doing it part-time because it gives you Happiness. 

Learn to just say NO

Say No

Learn to say No to people and situations that become a hindrance to your Happiness and do not promote your well-being. Choose to let go of those who try to drag you down. Instead, choose your Happiness and your growth over them. Settle for those who inspire you to accept yourself the way you are. 

Talk to Your Friends

Having friends is itself a source of Happiness. Catching up with a friend and talking your heart out is an excellent stress buster and can brighten up your day and make you forget all your pain. You can be you; you can laugh and be happy.

Take a Break

It is of prime importance to channelize your time correctly to take breaks for rejuvenation in whatever tasks you do, be it your office work or your household chores. At times, it is essential to take breaks from your routine and go out for a vacation, which will revitalize you and make you happy and energized. 

Smile with Friends

Smile More

Laughter is the best medicine. So, laugh, or smile every day because it releases your tensions while frowning over little things increases it. Smile is contagious, so spread Happiness around, and you will get it back.

Appreciate & Accept than Complain & Judge

Life is too short for having grudges against someone as it curtails your Happiness. Apologize when needed because a few years down the line, you will laugh at how you dealt with situations or people. Don’t judge anyone. Life is too short to regret or to be unhappy. Appreciate what you have, learn from your mistakes, and accept the good with the bad.

Find Happiness in Little Things

You are entitled to live happily. Take pleasure in doing little things or do things that make you feel relaxed and happy. It can be walking around in nature, the smell of mud after the rain, sipping coffee while reading a book, praying, meditation, making travel plans even if they do not materialize, surprising a loved one, sleeping for an extra hour, etc.

Give More and Expect Less

One simple rule to be happy is to remember that No one is the in-charge of your Happiness besides you. The more you expect, the more it will lead you to dissatisfaction, and the lesser you expect, Happiness will be showered on you. Therefore, try to selflessly help someone in need, buy food for a needy child, and donate to the destitute. These acts will help you realize what true Happiness is.

Help Others

Think Positively

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we try to re-create what we think, and the only thing that we can control in this dynamic world is how we handle things. Therefore, step out of your comfort zone of negative thoughts and make an effort to imbibe positive thinking that will uplift your mood.

Be Adaptive to Change

We live in a rapidly changing world, therefore if you hold yourself tight, be stringent, and cling to your old habits, you will never be happy. Therefore, we need to row our boat along the flow of water to keep pace with the changing times.

To feel happy, things around you need not be perfect; instead, you should try to look beyond the imperfections. “Happiness is like a butterfly. If you keep running after it, it keeps flying away. But if you stand still, it comes and sits on your shoulders.” Happiness is an on-going practice of making a choice, and it becomes difficult to sustain by clinging on to the past or old habits. Therefore, Live in the moment and enjoy it. Remember that there is no path to reach Happiness, but Happiness itself is a path. So, keep walking along the path of Happiness and achieve what you want to.

Dr. Bob Singhal

Professor Bhupendra 'Bob' Singhal, has taught creativity by joy and right-brain thinking, is a renowned international architect, won major design competitions, has over 70 awards, publications, and media mentions, and served as President of the American Institute of Architects South Bay. In 2011, in his book Joy in Health and Happiness: Your Optimal Path to Success, Professor Singhal wrote about the transformative power of joy and helped readers learn to enhance their daily experience of it.


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