5 Tips for Building a Growth Mindset

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5 Tips for Building a Growth Mindset

Successful people possess a lot of similarities, such as intelligence, wisdom, talent, and hard work. But the most important and common trait in any successful person is a phenomenal growth mindset. 

Whether you are an upcoming entrepreneur, a skilled employee, or an artist trying to make your name, having a mindset focused on self-growth is vital for success regardless of your profession or goal.

There are a number of mindsets, each of which can help or hinder our well-being and development. A growth mindset is simply believing that our basic abilities can be developed and improved via constant dedication, regular practice, and hard work.

With the growth mindset, we can accept our failures, analyze our mistakes, and find inspiration to keep improving for the future. Building a growth mindset sounds easy on paper, but it is a task that will not come easy to you at first. Building a growth mindset is something that requires years of practice to master. Although once achieved, it will be an excellent ally for your life.

Let us take a deep dive into what a growth mindset is, how it benefits your well-being and the different ways to build a growth mindset.  

What Is a Growth Mindset?

Renowned Stanford Psychologist Carol Dweck first developed the idea of a growth mindset. She presented the concept to the public in Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.

In this book, Carol Dweck shows how people, such as students, can be divided into two groups. One category includes people with a growth mindset and the other contains people with a fixed mindset.

According to many scientific pieces of evidence, your intellect, talents, and capabilities don’t necessarily stop growing once you reach adulthood. According to research conducted by Eric Ericsson, humans go through several stages of development throughout life. Every step is defined by the challenge you must overcome to continue to the next stage.

However, we sometimes change how we see things as we grow up. We stop believing that we are capable enough of growing and developing. As a result, We create a debilitating and stagnant self-image instead.

Fortunately, science and modern psychology can shed completely different approaches to life. 

Dr. Carol Dweck noticed a significant difference between students’ approaches to success and failure. And the research motivated her, which led to her creating a theory based on the concept.

She created the term “growth mindset” to represent people who believe they can achieve great things solely through hard work and good relationships with others.

How to develop a growth mindset

Treat Every Challenge as an Opportunity.

building a growth mindset

Though it is the first point, it might be one of the hardest to embrace. Fear of failure is deeply implanted in us. It is also related to the fear of the unknown. When we encounter a challenge; our default setting is to either run from it or ignore it.

However, this mindset is the chain that keeps us from growing and taking challenges head-on. Remember that nobody starts any endeavor as the perfect example of the goal. Even the greatest athletes, artists, and business leaders began with little talent or expertise. Everybody starts from ground zero.

The best way of building a growth mindset is by changing your attitude towards challenges. See challenges as opportunities, experiment with them, examine your mistakes, and learn to carve out the best way out of the problem. Try to see failure not as a sign of defeat but as part of the learning process. 

Remember that you’re one step closer to becoming a master in whatever you do every time you start over!

Look Beyond Perfection

One of the ways to adopt a growth mindset is to make peace with the fact that ‘Perfection’ is subjective and, thus, doesn’t exist. It’s all about the outlook and how you see things. 

Imperfections are inevitable, so embracing them and working to achieve your goals is better.

The Only Approval You Need Is Yours

building a growth mindset

We, as humans, care too much about how others perceive us, the kind of impression we have on them, and if they approve of our choices, decisions, etc.

If you want to grow and achieve peace of mind, you can’t strive to seek approval from others. Focus on what you need to improve in yourself and diligently work on that. Similarly, the decisions for yourself should be the right ones for you, not others.

For example, if you want to switch to a Vegan lifestyle, you shouldn’t worry about how others around you feel about it.

Give Good Things Time

Hastening things in your life won’t get you exceptional results. If some things take more time than you expected, it’s okay to let them move at their own pace. For example, if you wish to learn a new language, it’s okay if you are learning steadily compared to others.

Have A Positive Outlook Towards Criticism

Often, people don’t know how to respond to criticism. If you want to achieve a growth mindset, you need to detach yourself from the criticism and look at it from a practical perspective. You should consider the criticism as feedback on your skills and knowledge that will help you become a better version of yourself.

Set A Purpose In Life

It’s better to have a goal in life than to work aimlessly without working towards something. Ask yourself – “Are you purpose-driven?”

If not, it’s high time to look within and find things you care about the most. It will help you focus on what motivates you in life so you can set a goal towards which you can direct your efforts, skills, and attention. 

Final thoughts

Building a growth mindset means we must embrace challenges, persist in the face of failure, take responsibility for our words and actions, and recognize that effort is the path toward success.

If you ever get stuck or go back to negative thinking, remember that making such a 0radical change in your psyche is not an easy process and certainly can’t be achieved in a couple of days. Therefore, don’t judge yourself even if you notice some leftovers from your previous strategies and behaviors. Instead, analyze, reflect, and accept your imperfections and failures.

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